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The Language Lab at Sanjivani is designed to enhance and polish the language skills of our students in English, German, and Japanese. Equipped with dedicated software packages, the lab offers a wide range of interactive modules to facilitate self-instruction and learner-friendly language learning experiences. Through focused activities, the lab aims to develop students’ proficiency in pronunciation, word accent, intonation, and rhythm, enabling them to communicate effectively in everyday situations and contexts.


Exposure to Multilingual Learning: The language lab exposes students to a variety of self-instructional modes in English, German, and Japanese, fostering a multilingual learning environment that broadens their linguistic horizons.

Computer-Based Competitive Exam Preparation: The lab cultivates the habit of reading passages from computer monitors, providing students with the necessary skills to excel in computer-based competitive exams like GRE, TOEFL, GMAT, and more.

Pronunciation and Communication Skills: Through specialized exercises, the lab trains students to improve their pronunciation, emphasizing word accent, intonation, and rhythm. This enhances their overall communication skills, preparing them to confidently face interviews, group discussions, and public speaking engagements.

Computer-Assisted Language Learning: The lab also initiates students into utilizing the computer for various language-related tasks such as resume preparation, report writing, and format-making. This equips them with essential digital literacy skills for professional communication.

By leveraging the language lab’s resources and engaging in targeted language learning activities, our students gain a competitive edge in their language proficiency, enabling them to excel in both academic and professional domains.

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